Great Argus(Great Argus Pheasant) (Argusianus argus)

Interesting :

Is the large bird without the spur. It is classified into the bird of Thai Pheasant category. The length form the mouth edge to the wing tip is approximately 76 to 200 centimeters. The male is more beautiful than female. The body is grayish brown. The wing has long hair and there are circular dots like the eyes on the wing intermittently along the length of the wing hair. The middle of the head has the crown or small bone. The face and the neck is blue, the mouth is yellow, and the leg is red. The male has the a lot longer middle pair of the tail than others but the female does not have.

Habitat :

Can be found in Sumatra, Borneo, and Tanowsri massif. In Thailand, it can be found in the South from Prachub Kirikhan onward to Malaya Penninsula. It is a sedentary bird which can rarely be found.

Food :

The Great Argus eats the plant seed, the fruit which falls on the ground, insect, and worm.

Behavior :

The Great Argus lives in the dense forest and deep forest at the foothill level to the height of 900 meters from the sea level. It is a shy bird and does not like to be seen by human. It has the loud noise. We normally can hear its voice more than itself. The noise cried is “Wow Wow” It sometimes cries up to 30 times and can be heard allover the forest. It normally stays alone except in the breeding season.When the breeding season comes, the Great Argus will make the field for showing tail feathers spreading to the female which called “Lan Nok Wow”. On such field, it will perfectly keep the cleanness and take out all the leaves and branches every time. After that the male will call for the female. When it finds the female, it will spread its tail feathers to attract the female before breeding.

Current Status :

Near Threatened

Reproductive :

When the breeding season has gone, the female will separate itself to build the nest for laying the eggs. The female will roughly build the nest with small branches on the ground near the dense bush and support the base with leaves. It lays only 2 eggs on one and another 2 days. The egg is beige or white. The incubation period is 26 days. The newborn chick can open its eyes and has fluffy hair covering its body. It can immediately walk with its mother to seek for the food.

Point of view :

Update : 11 April 2017