Large-spotted Civet (Viverra megaspila)

Interesting :

The size of large-spotted civet is big. Its body is grayish buff color with mottled black spots at its body side, rib, and thighs. All its four legs are black buff color coat from its neck to tail. Its tail is short with purely black in color. From the middle to the tip of its tail, there are 4-5 black banded rings. Its face is quite long. Its legs are long are dark-brown in color.

Habitat :

It is found in India, Myanmar, Indochina, Malaysia, and all parts of Thailand.

Food :

It eats small animals such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, chickens, as well as fruits and young shoots.

Behavior :

Large-spotted civet is a nocturnal. It is solitary and likes to stays in dense or thick forests.

Current Status :


Reproductive :

It is mature and ready for mating at the age of 1/2 years. gestation period is around 45 days. One litter contains 2-3 young.

Point of view :

Update : 11 April 2017